Why Supporters Have ABANDONED Ocasio-Cortez!

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t made very many friends as a Congresswomen. However, lately she’s been losing the few who did like her.

It’s become clear that her constituents are still fuming over the manner in she handled the Amazon deal offered to New York.

Fox News reported,

According to a new Siena College poll, 58 percent of voters in her district, which covers parts of the Bronx and Queens, actually support the now-abandoned and controversial deal that would have brought the tech giant to Long Island City in return for $3 billion in state and local subsidies.

The freshman congresswoman, who unseated a 10-term Democratic incumbent, was one of several elected officials pushing back on Amazon’s planned expansion pointing at the secrecy of the deal itself, the lack of public input and the potential for gentrification and displacement resulting from 25,000 new highly paid tech workers in the area.

In addition, 57 percent of those polled said it was “bad for New York” that the Jeff Bezos-led company canceled the project in February following opposition from some elected officials, labor groups, local residents and community activists.

Thirty-two percent, however, said Amazon’s withdrawal was “good” for the city…

Amazon ultimately decided to break up with New York on Valentine’s Day and is now building a campus in Arlington, Va., despite some opposition there, and it plans to add employees in various cities across the country in the coming years.

Despite not supporting Ocasio-Cortez on Amazon, the poll found that the firebrand liberal has a 52 percent favorability rating among her district’s voters and that 48 percent of all voters would vote to re-elect her in 2020.

“The district breaks with Ocasio-Cortez on the Amazon deal. Fifty-seven percent say that Amazon canceling was bad for New York and 58 percent would like the deal revived. Even in the Queens area of the district, over half say losing the deal was bad and 54 percent would like it revived,” Don Levy, the Siena College Research Institute Director, stated.

“Led by the Democratic majority in the district, voters strongly support much of the legislation that Ocasio-Cortez is advocating,” he stated.

“About three-quarters of all voters and over 80 percent of Democrats are in favor of free tuition at public colleges across the country, banning assault weapons, a federal guarantee of a job that pays a living wage and Medicare for all.”

“By two-to-one they support ‘The Green New Deal’ with Democrats at five-to-one although almost 40 percent do not have enough information about it in order to say.”

“A majority oppose repealing and replacing Obamacare and a small majority would support impeaching the President.”

“AOC has jumped onto the front pages and certainly has attained household name status in her district,” he stated.

“Nearly two-thirds say that they are following the coverage of their freshman representative closely and while only one in seven have no opinion about her, favorable or unfavorable, Joe Crowley after 10 terms remains unknown to nearly 40 percent of voters.”

“Fifty-nine percent of voters say that they are proud to have Ocasio-Cortez representing the district and 61 percent agree that while many of her ideas on the economy, climate or healthcare may not become law soon, they think she is moving us towards a more fair and just society,” he said.

“But some have their doubts. Forty percent agree while 51 percent disagree that Ocasio-Cortez is simply too inexperienced to be their representative, and voters are nearly evenly divided as to whether her ideas are too radical, too far to the left with 43 percent saying that she is too radical and 47 percent saying that she is not,” he added.

“And while Ocasio-Cortez has described herself as a Democratic Socialist, only a quarter of her district, a third of Democrats and 44 percent of liberals are willing to do the same,” he said.

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  1. If these liberals and Democrats in Queens think this Cortez is something great they really have lost their minds for she would bankrupt this country and put us all in a state of poverty, for she is a complete wack job and her ideology will never fly, her war on climate change makes no sense for there is no way in hell that we can change the weather, we can clean up the air, and are Oceans, and lakes, rivers, and streams, and are parks and streets and alleys and most likely get it done in a very short amount of time, and this is what we should be fighting for to get done with very strict laws that we can impose on the human slobs that we have in are country!!! As for cleaning up the air we breath that is being worked on with cars getting away from fossil fuels and even this takes time to get done, it isn’t a quick fix that is going to happen overnight but we have been working on it and we have the cleanest air in the world today because of it!!! If the American people were to think they would see that we are working on limiting the use of fossil fuels in are cars the biggest polluters of all the automobile, but that isn’t going to fix the whole world for all the other countries need to be doing the same thing and we the United States can’t make other countries do there part and we should all know this!!!! As for the weather that is unfixable no matter what these liberal and Democrats say, for even science has proven that the weather changes all the time and it has nothing to do with the human race!!!! The public need to wake up to this fact and realize that this planet is very old and the weather changes throughout time and has been doing so since the very beginning of the planet and that is a proven fact of life!!!!!

  2. It seems the differences between the Right and Left are too great. The gulf between the fundamental value systems is too wide, too deep, and irreconcilable. When’s the last time the Left was willing to compromise and negotiate on ANYTHING? If the people of New York want open-borders and Marxism/Communism they should be able to have it, but they should not be able to impose it on everyone else, even if that’s what Marxism/Communism demands. They need to have their own country where the consequences of their policies, lies, poison, and hatred can be confined to other leftists like themselves. How could they object to that? You might call that “separatism”, but it seems preferrable to the calls I’ve been hearing for a civil war. If the leftists say they hate us conservatives, but at the same time DEMAND to be near us, that just sounds insane.

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