Which Democrat Has Best Chance At Beating Trump?

Image credit: Vox

Former Gov. Chris Christie sat down with MSNBC recently where he broke down all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates and theorized on who had the best chance at defeating President Trump.

Christie claimed that out of all the contenders, former Vice President Joe Biden had the best chance and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) had “no hope” of winning.

“I think Biden can give him a race if Joe stays on the rails,” Christie claimed. “Remember now, he’s had two presidential cases that didn’t go all that well. One imploded because of the plagiarism scandal and imploded because he said ill-advised things about Barack Obama as an African-American candidate, right? But that having been said, I think Joe Biden from Scranton, Pennsylvania, can appeal to working-class white folks in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, and those are states the president knows he needs, along with Florida, to maintain the presidency.” 

”So, I think Biden is one of those people, Kasie, that’s interesting in that regard,” he continued. “As for the rest of them, I would tell you that the only two I think we know enough about at the moment to make judgments are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. And Joe Biden has a potential to be able to. Bernie Sanders have no hope of winning a national election. “

“Where are the Democrats — these other Democrats going to perform? You remember from covering our case in ’16, Kasie,” Christie insisted. “You can’t tell how people are going to perform until the lights go on. Scott Walker was a front-runner in Iowa, supposedly. He spent tens and tens of millions of dollars and never was on a ballot, never got a vote. When the bright lights of the presidential race go on, one of two things happen, you either shine or you melt. And if you shine, it doesn’t mean you’re going to win. It just means you survive to fight another day. If you melt, you’re out. Let’s see what these folks do besides Biden and Sanders, who have never been under this pressure and scrutiny before, see how they perform.”

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