What Media Is HIDING About The Muslim Massacre!

Image credit: New Indian Express

Mainstream media is all over the recent massacre that killed 49 Muslims in New Zealand, however they have left out one very important fact from their stories.

Currently the left is busy blaming President Trump and every NRA supporter for this terrible killing. However, they have chose to ignore the very important fact that an armed citizen was there and protected many more from being killed!

It is being reported by The New Zealand Herald that a Muslim man who was armed actually chased off the lone gunman.

“A second shooting happened at a mosque in the Linwood area of the city.
One Friday prayer goer returned fire with a rifle or shotgun.”

“Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots around 1.45pm.”

“A well known Muslim local chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off.”

“He was heard telling police officers he was firing in “self defence”.
“They were in a silver Subaru,” he told police.”

“Mark Nichols, manager of Premium Tyres and Auto in Linwood, said he a gunman ran past his shop around 45 minutes ago.”

“He heard five gunshots, and he believed the activity was centred around the nearby Linwood Masjid mosque.”

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  1. No Ani4Ani
    Can’t believe anything the major news media reports. We can only rely on patriotic news for the real truth.

  2. The Sadist fact we have no Free Press today only one has held the line even close to fair and Balanced and it was Harvard that ate crow because they had to admit it. Out of All the News groups out their today only FOX came even close to fair and balanced reporting. But the liberals who don’t love the truth refuse to accept the truth.

  3. The One World Order succeeded in getting New Zealand to ban semi-automatic weapons by massacring 49 citizens, something they could not do in the Las Vegas mass killings and cover-up! Mission accomplished, with the help of the leftist media.

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