Warren Enlightens Us With ‘Ultra-Millionaires Tax’

Image credit: ABC7 Chicago

2020 Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently explained to America her “genius” plan.

Warren is claiming that her purposed “ultra millionaires tax” should be “a big down payment on a Green New Deal.”

Warren stated, “Workers get to elect 40 percent of the seats—this is a bill I’ve already put forward—40 percent of the seats on corporate boards, ways to get more power back into the hands of workers. That’s how we start to rewrite this economy. And I just keep working through that and every part of it, taxes, progressive taxation. I put an ultra millionaires tax out, a proposal on this.”

Adding, “Think about this. If we taxed people, families, that have more than $50 million in assets if we charged them two percent a year and they put that back in the to help build opportunity for everybody else. We could pay for universal childcare. We could bring down student loan debt. We could make a big down payment on a Green New Deal. We could make the investments that make this country work, and that’s for me what this is all about.”

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  1. When will the Demotard idiots learn all these types of taxes do is drive the Ultra-Wealthy out of the country. It happened the last time the Dems sought to punish those who risk their personal wealth to produce businesses and jobs in this country. What would they do if one of the sole owners of one of the largest companies in the nations said I’m tired of being abused by these libertard idiots and shut the doors to all of his or her businesses and sold all of his or her physical assets and went into retirement, never to open another business or produce another dollar except the interest on their multiple savings accounts and bonds? Or how many will sell everything move all of their money out of country and leave the country.

    • YOUR WRONG! Back under the GREATEST Republican president ever. President Eisenhower said “We can NEVER TRUELY be GREAT with all the war debt” Now we have BILLIONS more in debt then back in the late 40’s. President Eisenhower set the top progressive tax rate at 90%. Not that many Americans ever paid that amount. But it did lead to investments in America that Corporations and the people have benefited from for generations. Think that if President Eisenhower hadn’t taxed so much and started the Eisenhower Interstate system. Lowes, Home Depot & Walmart would STILL be Regional companies NOT national ones. Think if he didn’t have the extra money to invest in a new program called NASA. America wouldn’t have the computer tech we have. It was the NASA investment that gave us the Semi-conductor that was the precursor to the Modern day computer chip. Not to mention that the 50-60’s were some of the best economies in the 20th century. Now look at the 2003 so called “Job Creator” tax cuts. Those cuts along with HUGE increases in spending by the government, took ONLY 5 years to put America into it’s SECOND WORSE economy in our history. Sorry but OUR HISTORY PROVES that taxing the rich and INVESTING into America does more for the WHOLE Country then just giving the rich more money and CROSSING OUR FINGERS & HOPEING they invest in America. Lets NOT FORGET the Republican controlled DC just repeated the SAME policies as they did in 2003!!! No I am not a l;iberal lefty. I and my wife BOTH own businesses. Her parents as were mine were self employeed. My family have been mainly Republican Farmers in Upstate NY for 150 YEARS. I am a TRUE Conservitive. I fully believe that Conservitives NO LONGER EXsist in DC. How can the Republican call them selfs Conservatives? Obama last wasteful budget for FY2016-2017 had a deficit of $665 BILLION. The GOP controlled DC passed a budget for FY2018-2019 that has a deficit of $1 TRILLION. How is that a conservative Party? Sorry when Newt Gingrich forced Clinton to the tables in the 90’s he BALANCED the Budget. To accomplish that he RAISED taxes for the rich and CUT WASTEFUL welfare spending. IN FACT America had 3 years of a SURPLUS. That means for 3 years America took in MORE MONEY THEN IT SPENT! That wasn’t what the Rich and the GOP wanted. That’s why as soon as Speaker Gingrich’s Balanced budget agreement expired in 2003 the GOP who at the time controlled all 3 houses. Gave the rich MORE income and the working class got MORE debt. Oh wait we all got a $600 check from Bush. Not much considering that Warren Buffet pays a LOWER TAX RATE then his secretary!!!! So explain to me how HIGHER Progressive taxes on the rich HURT America??? I explained how HISTORY show higher taxes HELPED America.

  2. Hey, Dizzy Miss Lizzie, attempting to see things from your point of view. Unable to get my head that far up my ass. Maybe your $10 million in net worth/assets should donated by you in its entirety to get the ball rolling!!! Gee you are awfully quiet out there Warren.

    • So tell me how it’s FAIR that Warren Buffet pays a LOWER Tax rate then his secretary? Tell me how Amazon had BILLIONS in profits yet PAYS ZERO TAXES? Explain how come when the GOP controlling all 3 houses in 2003 gave the RICH “Job Creator” tax cuts yet just 5 years later Americas Unemployment rate was 25%. Tell me why so far in the last year American corporations have spent less then a 1/2 Billion dollars creating NEW JOBS here in America? Yet they have spent OVER $3 Billion in stock buy backs making the stocks they hold in the corporation worth MORE! Explain to me how CUTTING Taxes/Revenues and INCREASING spending is a Conservative policy??? We haven’t had a conservative in any power position since the GOP ousted Speaker Newt Gingrich for CHEATING on his wife. Yet now they embrace a President that has cheated on ALL THREE of his wives!!!!

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