VIDEO: Trump Gives Ocasio-Cortez MAJOR Reality Check

Image credit: UPI

The Democrats can’t control AOC, now Trump is giving her a SPANKING…

Socialist Ocasio-Cortez has gone so far out of line with her team consisting of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and others that Nancy Pelosi herself cannot control them.

As more and more Democrats are getting involved to try and stop AOC, President Trump decided to throw them a bone with a few choice words for the socialist superstar.

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  1. It was gentlemanly of our glorious President Trump to say “Nancy Pelosi is not a racist”, but believe you me, she would never return the favor in a million lifetimes, because she hate our president. She doesn’t even know Donald J. Trump yet she says, “she hates Donald Trump and this nitwit demonRAT has called this great man a racist so many times I’ve lost count, and much worse believe me! Nancy Pelosi belongs locked up for sedition and possibly hung for Treason, when Bill Barr gets finished rounding up and indicting all those who’ve tried to unseat our duly elected president Trump, which is Treason, and after the pronouncement of the Jury findings of being Guilty of Treason, then let us see what this stinking, filthy bitch has to say when they slip the hemp around her worthless pecker neck and pull the noose tight and hang the wench!

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