Trump Has a NEW NAME for Democrats (They Hate It)

Image credit: Politico

President Trump has a new name for the Democrats and it couldn’t be more fitting…

President Trump is 100% correct with his recent tweets. Ever since he has taken office, they have gotten nothing done and continue to push their ridiculous impeachment agenda.

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  1. The do-nothing DEmocraps have not done their work in 3yr’s they should give their wages back for those 3 yr’s

    • The attempted Coup continues. The leftist Dems are still trying to nullify the last national election and disenfranchise half the country. Their obsession to relentlessly attack the President, as he is trying to do his job of serving the country, at this point amounts to STALKING. They have hijacked the government of the United States in their desperation to seize control and impose Socialism..The American people have GOT to stand up to the leftist Democrats and get them under control before they seriously harm or even destroy the nation. Come on, people.

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