Trump Admits 2016 Collusion

Image credit: USA Today

Recently, President Trump accused big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google of collusion.

“Actually it’s incredible that I won the election because you know it was so rigged against me,” he said. “It wasn’t Russians. Russia collusion was a delusion. But what there is, is there was collusion between the Democrats and these tech companies.”

The president said that any Republican would face a “tremendous disadvantage” in social media after he surprised tech companies in the 2016 election.

“It’s totally steered, which has been proven now, totally steered toward the Democrats and yet I won,” he stated.

Alex Marlow told the president he would be running against not only the Democrats and the media but he will also be running against the big tech companies during his presidential run in 2020.

President Trump responded by stating Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign proposal to break up the big tech companies.

“Isn’t it funny? Elizabeth Warren called for their total breakup,” he said. “I do smile though, they’re so protective of her.”

He sympathized with critics of the big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter who wanted to regulate the companies.

“I understand a lot of people wanting to look into it. I mean normally I’d like to say let it be free, let it all be free, but it’s not free,” Trump said. “It’s really run by a small number of people.”

The president also referred to reports exposing tech bias against conservatives in companies.

“Now we’ve seen it, now we’ve caught them. We’ve seen the speeches, we’ve seen the in-house little videos that somehow got released, to me, that’s a very big scandal,” he said.

The tech companies have made themselves clear by dedicating themselves to not allowing a repeat 2016 election. Google VP Kent Walker said that nationalism must be just a “hiccup” in the march towards “progress.” Google accomplishes this goal by manipulating search autocomplete results. Other companies are innovating their way of stifling conservative media and prominent figures

The president specifically criticized Twitter for blacklisting conservatives on the platform.

“Twitter’s horrible what they’re doing to people, they’re blanking them out … What’s going on with Twitter is terrible for conservatives,” he said.

“A lot of people are talking about breaking them up. They’re dishonest, there’s tremendous dishonesty,” he said. “And it’s really all steered toward the Republicans and the conservative movement. It’s a hundred percent steered against.”

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