Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence, SLAMS James Comey

Image credit: Greenville Online

Maybe this will finally shut Comey up…

Recently on Fox, former Rep. Trey Gowdy opened fire on former FBI director James Comey for asking for apologies.

Gowdy stated, “I’m certainly not going to apologize to anyone who violated FBI and Department of Justice policies, who violated an employment agreement, who shared sensitive information about an ongoing investigation, who sent classified information to an unauthorized person, and then had amnesia when the FBI came to his home to try to retrieve government property.”

After being asked AGAIN if he will apologize to Comey, Gowdy replied, “What temperature is it in Hell right now? Is it snowing? When it snows in hell, you let me know.”

Adding, “Why would I apologize to somebody who has been dinged on both of the major investigations by a guy like Michael Horowitz, who is hardly a Republican!”

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