Rush Limbaugh EXPOSES Truth About Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe

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Here’s why Rapinoe has been attacking the president so much…

Recently on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh explained what was pushing U.S. Women’s Soccer National Team co-captain Megan Rapinoe to criticize President Trump and broke down her other antics during the National Anthem.

Limbaugh believes that Rapinoe is seeking a deal with Nike similar to one former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick received.

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What are we supposed to take from this? Somebody help me, is she LGBTQ? OK. OK. Then that’s what this means. She’s talking about the oppression of gays. And Trump wants to bring that back. That’s what Make America Great Again means. He wants to go back, and he wants people like her in the closet.

There’s not a single utterance ever from Donald Trump on the subject. And, you know what? Anderson Cooper doesn’t care, as long as she’s saying it, mission accomplished. Cooper then said, “Can you see a day where you do put your hand over your heart and sing the national anthem?”

So here we have the captain of the American women’s soccer team reluctant to sing the national anthem. Do you know what I think this babe may be angling for? Kaepernick. She wants a Kaepernick deal with Nike. Damn straight. She’s angling for a Kaepernick. She’s showing Nike she can be just as anti-American as Kaepernick. Give me a chance. Let me do the LGBTQ angle of Kaepernick.

I don’t think they would pay her the same. Well, I say that. Who would ever know? We don’t know what they’re paying Kaepernick. We would only know if they pay her the same as Kaepernick if we find out what they’re paying Kaepernick. But she would demand to be paid the same as Kaepernick. But then she would have to perform like Kaepernick. They’d have to design a set of soccer shoes that had the American flag on it, she’d have to say, “Nope, not wearing ’em. Don’t sell ’em,” and they would say, “OK. We won’t.” Or whatever. Anyway, here’s how she answered the question.

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  1. Makes sense!! Wouldn’t be surprised if THAT is her true purpose! However, as far as I’m concerned, this dyke is a LOSER!!!!!!

  2. I turned off the soccer games when this Lezzy purple headed bitch disrespected my Country on World Wide TV. I was hoping to hear that someone knocked her ass out on the soccer field.

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