Republican LOSER Encourages Pelosi To Do The UNTHINKABLE

Image credit: The Japan Times

Just when we thought we heard the last of this FAILURE, he spews more garbage…

Recently on Fox Business Network’s “Kennedy,” Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI), who recently quit the Republican Party after demanding for Trump’s impeachment, told host Andrew Napolitano that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was making a “serious mistake” when it came to the impeachment issue.

Amash stated that he believed if Pelosi was to openly support Trump’s impeachment, most in her caucus and the American people follow her.

Partial transcript as follows:

NAPOLITANO: Where do you think impeachment is going to go? I mean, you’re the only Republican that’s called for it. The Democrats are – – are hopelessly divided. Where does this go in the next step? We’re less than two years from a presidential run. The president is probably going to run for reelection. He says he’s going to run. He doesn’t have a serious challenge in his own party. Do you think impeachment will take place in the next 16 months?

AMASH: It doesn’t seem like it right now. It’s up to Nancy Pelosi. She’s the Speaker of the House as I said, the thing is controlled completely by people at the top. So the Speaker of the House controls whether we move forward. I think she’s making a serious mistake. If she came out and said, hey we have evidence that is impeachable and we want to move forward, so many people would fall in line behind her within her – – within her own caucus. And a lot of Americans then would also say, it seems like there’s something serious here. Remember most Americans are not reading it.


AMASH: They expect us to read the Mueller report and they’re looking to us to help give them the idea of whether there is impeachable conduct. If the Speaker of the House says, hey I don’t think we’re ready to move forward, what kind of message is she sending the American people? She’s – – she’s sending the message that there’s nothing there and there is something there.

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