Pence Has Has ENOUGH Of Ilhan Omar

Image credit: Al Jazeera

In a recent Fox News interview, Vice President Mike Pence, who is fed up, called for Rep. Ilhan Omar to be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Pence referenced the Omar’s prior antisemitic remarks during a taped interview.

“Look, Ilhan Omar has made statements, antisemitic comments, statements against our most cherished ally, Israel, that ought to be rejected by every American,” Pence stated. “And frankly the fact that very recently she has been trying to blame the United States of America for the deprivation and poverty brought on by the dictatorship in Venezuela.”

“The people of Minnesota will decide whether or not she remains in Congress,” he added. “Congresswoman Omar has no place on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Democratic leadership ought to remove her.”

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  1. There are too many ignorant females in politics………They continually show their ignorance regarding the CONSTITUTION, and keep stating FICTION every time they open their mouths……

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