Ocasio-Cortez Loses It Makes INSANE Demand

Image credit: Business Insider

If you ever wanted to see what being ungrateful looks like, this is it…

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been pushing hard to limit how much others make but she just requested a pay increase for HERSELF.

She took to Twitter fighting for a pay increase for Congress because of the high cost of living, it ended up sounding more like begging.

According to her, she can’t possibly live comfortably because the $174,000 she makes annually is tough for her to get by on.

“Yep. Voting against cost of living increases for members of Congress may sound nice, but doing so only increases pressure on them to keep dark money loopholes open.

“This makes campaign finance reform *harder.* ALL workers deserve cost of living increases, incl min wage workers,” she said.

“What this does is punish members who rely on a straight salary, and reward those who rely on money loopholes and other forms of self-dealing.”

“For example, it incentivizes the horrible kinds of legislative looting we saw in the GOP tax scam bill,” she tweeted.

“It’s not a fun or politically popular position to take. But consistency is important,” she said.

“ALL workers should get cost of living increases. That’s why minimum wage should be pegged to inflation, too.”

“Voting against cost of living increases is 1 reason why dark $ loopholes stay open,” she insisted.

One of her supporters argued that she should actually get something done before giving herself a raise.

“Nah @AOC I disagree with you here. Pass term limits, immigration reform, min. Wage increase first, then you can adjust your salaries for cost of living.”

“I’m sure we all would vote to give ourselves a raise too but we can’t,” the person, named iWill, said to the 29-year-old representative.

“In democratically socialist businesses (like worker co-ops) or methods (like collective bargaining) you actually CAN vote for a worker pay increase.” She shot back.

“Many do! We can’t pass these laws bc of big money. This is how you chip at it. Like I said, it’s not popular but I’m being 100,” she added.

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