Ocasio-Cortez Issues Warning Of Dangerous “VIRUS” Infecting Americans

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AOC is on HIGH alert…

People all over the country have been “infected” with the virus of White Supremacy and they don’t even know it, that’s because the disease is sitting quietly in our subconscious, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has suggested.

White Supremacy is “the disease” and White Supremacists are, according to AOC, people who have been taken over by it. She is insisting that it happens subconsciously, and is demanding the nation be “inoculated”:

“There is a difference between white supremacists & white supremacy.

“White supremacy is like a virus.

“Supremacists are those who have been completely overcome by the disease, but supremacy – the virus – exists on a larger scale beyond just the infected. It also lays dormant.”


“White supremacy is often subconscious. & Clearly, our nation has not been inoculated. WS is our nation’s original sin; the driving logic of slavery, of Native genocide, of Jim Crow, of segregation, of mass incarceration, of “Send Her Back.”

“It never went away. It was just dormant.”

We must repeatedly reflect on ourselves to make sure we are “Recognizing white supremacy in ourselves – our institutions, our subconscious,” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez warned:

“Healing ourselves of white supremacy will be hard. It will be hard because it requires us to confront *ourselves.*

“We wish it was as simple as denouncing a white hood, a burnt cross, vile language. But we need to address where supremacy *begins,* not just where it ends.”


“Perhaps more than the obvious last steps of the supremacist, we must examine the nuance of their first steps.

That is a painful inquiry, bc for many, we may see familiarity in those first steps. And that familiarity is very difficult to see + admit. We’d rather not talk about it.”


“Recognizing white supremacy in ourselves – our institutions, our subconscious, our own past remarks or acts (no matter how consciously unintentional), is what makes the healing work ahead challenging.

“But it is not impossible, and confronting it is the only way to move forward.”

But, recognizing the virus isn’t enough, we must also “end an oppressive system designed to hurt us all,” Ocasio-Cortez finished off with:

“What this moment is asking of us is to discuss *white supremacy and racism* as much – or possibly more than – *white supremacists and racists.*

“When we do that, I believe we will start to make progress.”


“But it is incredibly important that we recognize that perfectly normal, good people are capable of aiding racism & white supremacy.

“Recognizing that is not about pillorying people. It’s about learning to recognize *the virus* & end an oppressive system designed to hurt us *all.*”

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  1. The real illness in this country is the Bolshevik Democrat Party. They are the enemy within who want to begin establishing a Western Hemisphere Soviet Union, by taking over the United States with their Marxist Communism.

  2. “Awk-awk” and her demosociocommie KOMRADS are the “dangerous virus” that’s infecting this country; by all means “inoculate” against it and legislate a way to “kill it” and drive it out of the USA permanently.

  3. She is talking Dudu , this skank is a “CARRIER” of the dangerous virus. It is a disease which eats up the brain but leaves the mouth flapping. Those who study this phenomenon call it, As___le Occupied by Cranium.

  4. This homosexual bitch is completely insane and needs be immediately removed from congress before she hurts someone.

  5. I wish someone would put a brick in her mouth and microphones and TV cameras banned from her presence. Then we wouldn’t be subjected to her babble which does nothing but irritate and infuriate . She is a blot…shows no respect, has an audience if metooer that want and expect everything free and pant over her every word. Now….if she checked her history she’d find that Jim Crow, KKK, segregation…everything she’s blaming of President Trump all happened thanks to her party. But she’s blaming Trump. Maybe a hoax. on her brain would deliver us from her evil

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