New Chick-fil-A Store Opens, LGBT Protesters Lie Down and Do THIS

Image credit: The Buffalo News

These people really have it out for Chick-fil-A’s Christian values…

Liberals have totally lost their minds.

Look what they did after a new Chick-fil-A store just opened up in Toronto.

Hopefully the restaurant chain stays strong and doesn’t break to their insane demands.

What do you think about the liberals protest?

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  1. LGBTQ…..should be banned from society until they stop this nonsense of HARASSING “straight” businesses (a majority of the population) and act normal! How dare they cause obstruction to businesses of any kind. After all their behavior costs millions of dollars in spreading diseases because of their selfishness. Stop or they will open a whole can if worms that could literally shut downLGBTQ as we know it …they are way out of control as we have tolerated their behavior for too long and may be time for action if they do not stop their activism!

  2. Another bunch of snowflake crybaby spoiled brats; arrest them for trespass, then serve them with permanent restraining orders.

  3. #gaysfortrump2020
    This is such a joke. I love to dine at Chic-ful-A. This is just childish arrested adolescent behavior on display. Most gays are grown up, have great jobs , own property, employ several people in their owned businesses, and sneak off to Chic-ful-A and love the food and kind mannerly Service.
    I would simply ignore these losers.
    Sadly, freaks are a problem in every walk of life. We have to deal with them too.
    Look at the tranny issues. Do you really think we care about that? So selfish an act when you analyze it.
    To say we are co-opted by the tranny’s would be understatement. Lol. Do all straight people walk in lock-step? I thing not.


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