Melania’s plane forced to turn around after SMOKE filled the cabin

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A government plane carrying Melania Trump was forced to turn around Wednesday and return to an air base in Maryland after smoke filled the cabin.

Secret Service agents leapt from their seats 10 minutes into a morning flight and ran to the front of the aircraft.

Reporters on board said they were told a ‘mechanical’ issue caused the scare. No one was hurt but the first lady didn’t reach her destination.

She was headed to Philadelphia to address a hospital conference on neonatal abstinence syndrome, a condition that strikes infants who experience withdrawal from their mothers’ use of narcotics while pregnant.

A press pool reporter on board said journalists ‘could see a thin haze of smoke and smell something burning. The smell quickly became stronger.’

A crew member said a ‘malfunctioning comms unit’ was to blame. The White House has not confirmed any details.

Melania’s flight returned to Joint Base Andrews and landed safely at 9:05 a.m.

A spokeswoman for the first lady couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

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  1. I’m very proud of our First Lady, Melania . She is smart, kind, gracious, thoughtful and beautiful. She dresses and acts like a lady. She represents our country with dignity. I pray for her everyday!

  2. First Lady Trump is very intelligent, beautiful, Why was’nt her plane inspected? The Secret Service should be commended for the Excellent Job Of Protecting President Trump And First Lady ! If only the FBI, DOJ were as dedicated !

  3. First Lady Melania is in my personal opinion, the finest, most beautiful, and gracious lady to ever occupy
    our White House. I am especially proud that Melania and my family on both sides are of similar heritage.
    May God protect and guide her and President Donald and their family in all their efforts, both private
    and political for the rest of their li

  4. First Lady Melania is without a doubt the finest, most beautiful and gracious of all to occupy the White House.
    I’m especially proud that we are of similar heritage. I pray that God will watch over and guide her and family
    for the rest of their lives.

  5. Dear First Lady Melania
    I’m so sorry for what you have to go through with the ugliness in the swamp…
    You are an exceptional women, I can only think and say that all the bad people in Washington a lot women are so jealous of you beauty and your mind… please hang in there, keep strong and keep working your magic!!
    Please don’t let these hurtful people hurt your heart!! There just a few small minded hurtful people that want to hurt you.. Then there us! The people who are in Aww of you… you ARE the most beautiful First Lady we have had…keep pushing forward.. This country needs you and the President… We are so proud of what you have done for our country…

  6. MELANIA is Blessed and Highly Favored. Her understanding of her role as 1st Lady is to be admired. She is beautiful and smart!!!

  7. America is truly in decline .We have millions of brain dead Americans who are tools of those who are out to kill them . Allowing ones self to be the tool for someone to destroy is a what a fool is . Have you all noticed no First Ladies that are alive ever comes to her defense . Not one of them got what this lady gets . And not one of them is what they showed the public they are . Take Laura Bush she spends her time working and promoting Planned Parenhood . Barbara Bush could cuss worse than a sailor etc.And This lady doesn’t deserve the filth and vile things they do to her or about her . If you haven’t seen the vile video the rapper TI did go check it out . Beware it is vile and ugly!!!!!! If it had been a white man that did that vile thing to a black women look alike ( she was made up to look like Melania) he would have been killed . Dumbed down vile Americans never cease to amaze me . God is watching and they will not get by with this .

  8. If God don’t like ugly, why in the world did he make big butted, buck toothed michelle obuma ??? She is certainly no national treasure. She is a pig.!!!!!!

  9. Michelle Obama is a highly intelligent WOMAN. Former President Obama, is also an intellectual human being. It is safe to say their daughters are AS well.

  10. I guess we need to be more kind and not call people dog, pig or anything that is not appropriate. Hatred does not pay. Please remember God watches us every moment. Life on this earth is just a short journey, so get prepared where we will land in eternity.

  11. Thankful for Our beautiful First Lady.
    She puts so many people and children before herself. Praying for the babies and children her are so badly affected by drug abuse.
    Also I would love to tell Mr. Trump and Melania Trump that their son is such a tall handsome young man. Keep up the great work of being his wonderful mother. We pray for your immediate family through all the evil rude people that you all have to deal with. You are an amazing example of gracious, loving and intelligent mother and First Lady.
    Thank you

  12. Lonnie, in the Name of Jesus, i rebuke you and the words that you typed on this page. I plead the blood of Christ over the hatred in your heart for another human being created by God! You don’t help the cause of our conservative movement with that kind of hatred. May the Lord forgive you before something terrible happen to you. Please repent!

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