Manafort Sentenced


Judge T.S. Ellis handed down the sentence of less than four years

His sentence came after Manafort sought compassion but did not express remorse  

Prosecutors said Paul Manafort, 69, didn’t provide valuable information

They said he lied to investigators during his 50 hours of interviews

His sentencing hearing began Thursday afternoon

Manafort said he was ‘humiliated’ and ‘shunned’ 

Judge Ellis noted they used to HANG pickpockets in Britain  

Judge was criticized during trial for berating prosecutors and said he may have made a mistake by venting before the jury 

Manafort wore a  green jumpsuit that said ‘Alexandria Inmate’ on the back

Trump’s former campaign chair is facing 24 years in jail for tax and bank fraud

He ‘blames everyone’ but himself ‘for his own criminal choices’, documents state

Prosecutors filed the court documents to counter Manafort’s pleas for leniency 

The federal judge overseeing  Paul Manafort’s sentencing handed down a sentence of just 47 months after the former Trump campaign chair pleaded for leniency from his wheelchair but did not express remorse.

The four-year sentence is well below what prosecutors were seeking – and years below what top prosecutors and litigators had been predicting.

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  1. This is why REVOLUTION will be the only SOLUTION; the fuk’n privileged politicians and their minions never really face true justice that they deserve! This is outrageous and has to stop; it is all backwards as it should be. These greedy ass bastards that have the public’s trust should be dealt with harshly so as the next MF’r following him/her will understand the circumstances if they pull they same SH!T! They MUST pay the consequences and as it is now they escape the “short arms of the law”! We are a third world banana Republic and to think that we are not is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that!

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