Is Biden Even Going To Run In 2020?

Image credit: Politico

Former Vice President Joe Biden has certainly been keeping a close eye on the Democratic field for the 2020 presidential elections. However, is he actually going to run?

Sen. Chris Coons certainly seems to think so. Coons recently told CBS that Biden “is moving closer” to announcing a presidential run.

“He’s someone who I am confident is going to run,” Coons said. “I’m optimistic he’s going to run. Everything is being put in place, but that last decision, which understandably is a big decision.”

Biden has been leading in several polls even though he has not made any official announcement to run.

“Frankly, first, there’s another person his age who’s getting tens of thousands of young, excited people in the last campaign,” Coons stated, referencing Bernie Sanders.

Coons later insisted that Biden’s experience will give him a winning edge over others.

“He has more experience both in the Senate and as vice president in the executive and legislative than any other candidate running,” Coons stated. “Arguably than all other candidates combined.”

“We don’t need someone who’s doing on-the-job training,” he stated.

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  1. If Chris Coons, one of the STUPIDEST members of the Senate, says Biden is “going to run,” I’d lay money on Biden doing the opposite! Not to make Coons look like an idiot, you understand (he’s already cornered THAT market very well), but because Coons is SUCH an idiot he can’t possibly be right about Biden’s plans.
    Conservatives should hope he DOES run, though. He’d do to the 2020 field exactly what Donald Trump did to the Republican field in 2016 — split the opposition and clean up everyone still standing in a primary sweep. And remember: BIDEN is the guy who BORROWED (that is, STOLE) the personal background of another man, not even another American presidential contender, but a BRITISH Labour politician, Neil Kinnock, whose “working class” background Biden thought sounded better than his own more-or-less middle class roots (Kinnock came from a long line of actual coal-miners in Wales — can’t GET more blue-collar than THAT!). And then Biden, as VP, greeted President Obama with congratulations for having gotten Obamacare approved by saying — in front of God and everybody! — that is was “a big f…ing deal!”
    AdnIt the Dems really WANT this guy as their candidate, I think WE should just GET OUT OF THEIR

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