How Dems Just Blatantly Defended Illegals

Image credit: American Civil Liberties Union

At this point it’s downright infuriating at just how far the Democrats are going to protect illegal immigrants.

President Donald Trump reacted Monday to new demands from House Democrats to cap the detention of illegal immigrants in the United States.

“The Democrats do not want us to detain, or send back, criminal aliens!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “This is a brand new demand. Crazy!”

Democrats on the bipartisan compromise border security committee to fund the wall issued a demand for a “cap” on the number of beds used for detained illegal immigrants.

“For far too long, the Trump administration has been tearing communities apart with its cruel immigration policies,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) said in a statement. “A cap on ICE detention beds will force the Trump administration to prioritize deportation for criminals and people who pose real security threats, not law-abiding immigrants who are contributing to our country.”

Roybal-Allard is one of the members of the conference committee looking for a compromise solution to Trump’s demand for $5.6 billion in wall funding to secure the border.

Trump also reacted to the new demands on Sunday.

“The Border Committee Democrats are behaving, all of a sudden, irrationally,” he wrote. “Not only are they unwilling to give dollars for the obviously needed Wall (they overrode recommendations of Border Patrol experts), but they don’t even want to take muderers (sic) into custody! What’s going on?”

Trump is expected to rally supporters in El Paso, Texas on Monday ahead of the new February 15 deadline to fund the government.


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