Hollywood Star’s Question To “DUMB” Trump Supporters 

Image credit: The Times

She should take a long look in the mirror before saying this again…

Liberal actress Ellen Barkin had a question for President Donald Trump’s “dumb” supporter. Barkin asked them if they want a president “who is as dumb or dumber than you.”

Barkin, who has attacked Trump’s supporters in the past, calling them the “most extreme right-wingers since the Nazis” — is now calling Trump’s supporters “dumb” and then proceeded to ask them if they “want a dumb president?”

“Trump survivors, I mean supporters need to ask themselves only one question cuz the fact is irrefutable…Do you want a dumb president?” Barkin tweeted.

“By now, even you know you’re all pretty dumb so let me rephrase my question…Do you want a president who is as dumb or dumber than you? Think about it…,” she wrote, insisting that she is not using about “big words like compulsory or obligatory.”

“The dude can’t spell. I’m not talking about big words like compulsory or obligatory but a single syllable word…moat. He spells it ‘moot’. But moot is already a ward. With a very different meaning. Can you see how something like this could crate a dangerous situation?” Barkin questioned.

“Create. Crate. Get it?” Barkin said.

This isn’t the first time Barkin has gone after conservatives. The actress has previously called for Trump to be “removed” and “not just from office.”

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  1. If POTUS supporters wanted a dumb president, all they have 2do is vote SOCOM. (demo.) Barkin is just another SOCOM global/elitist accusing her opponents of what she does. An old SOCOM ploy.

    • Standard leftist Democrat tactic: name-calling, like some kindergardner on the playground, because they’re INCAPABLE of a rational arguement. No, sweetie, if we wanted “dumb”(and were anti-American Marxists, like you) we’d vote for some clenched-fist socialist Democrat and throw away our Constitutional freedoms, which you don’t deserve anyway.

  2. And what makes you so wonderful and superior Ellen Barkin,. to call people dumb. As mentioned above, I believe Trump supporters are far smarter than you. At least we cherish our freedoms, our constitution and our country … not socialism, fascism or communism as you appear to co. BTW…the misspelling of moat is called a type-o. Can you find anything else to complain about?

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