Harris Shows Her Ignorance, Defends Trillions In Spending

Image credit: The Des Moines Register

On a recent airing of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) might have made her dumbest argument yet.

Host John King asked, “If you talk to Democratic voters, they’re hungry, and they want ideas. So you’ll hear things like the Green New Deal. You’ll hear things like Medicare for all. You hear things whether it’s taxed at what point do you say that’s our north star, but we have to be realists?”

Harris replied, “There’s no question we have to be practical. But being practical also recognizes that climate change is an existential threat to us as human beings. Being practical recognizes that greenhouse gas emissions are threatening our air and threatening the planet and that it is well within our capacity as human beings to change our behaviors in a way that we can reduce its effects. That’s practical.”

King questioned, “Can we afford it?”

Harris stated, “Of course we can afford it,”

King replied, “Two-and-a-half trillion dollars, $3 trillion for Medicare for all by some studies. Depending on which portions of the Green New Deal you choose to do first, that’s money. You know what Republicans are going to say, ‘tax and spend liberals, pie in the sky.’”

Harris said, “It’s not about a cost. It’s about an investment. And the question should be, is it worth the cost in terms of the investment potential? Are we going to get back more than we put in?”

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  1. They want the achievers to pay for it all. Those who advocate for Socialism don’t do so because they love the poor; they simply hate the rich. This explains why the poor always suffer most under Socialism.

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  3. If a dumacrat wins the White House with their socialist agenda then it’s time to find a new country to live in .

  4. You can’t fix stupid,
    You can’t argue with ignorance &
    The arrogance is overwhelming

    If we needed any sh*t, we’d squeeze her head

  5. Green house gasses? You mean like CO2? Which all plant life needs to live! Without which all animal life dies! Where do these idiots come from?
    And how can Harris expect us to see her plan as practical when the libs are the ones who want to open the borders; allowing the sick in body as well as in spirit into this country? Forcing the cost of providing even more healthcare to illegals, along with food assistance; legal services; housing; and who knows where the financial burden stops?
    Where is the practicality there?

    • The left once again are hiding behind humanism, to do Saul Alinskys Rule’s for radicals, and that is overwhelm the system with debt to take America down!

      • Another MISL:EAD righty. Lets see what HISTORY of the FACTS are. In 2003 the GOP who controlled all three houses passed the Bush “Job Creator tax cuts”. Along with that they passed INCRESED spending for the wars along with other items. They GOT RUD of the BALANCED Budget that Speaker Newt Gingrich the TRUE Conservative Speaker pushed for and got Clinton to sign. That Balanced spending plan ACTUALLY gave America a 3 year SURPLUS in revenues. Lets fast forward to 2017. The GOP who AGAIN controlled all three houses. Passed MORE “Job creator tax cuts” and INCREASED spending. Fiscal Year 2016-207 Obama’s last Budget Americas deficit was $665 BILLION. The new budget from the republicans gave us a $1 TRILLION deficit spending plan. So how can you say it’s the left putting all this debt on America. May I remind you that it only took 5 years after those “Job creator” cuts for America to suffer it’s SECOND WORSE economy in history. How can a tax and spending plan from the GOP called “Job Creator” give America 25% unemployment in 5 years?

    • CO2 at the levels we currently have are NOT NATURAL. Couple that with the THOUSADNDS of acres of tress being cut down in the rain forest. The MAN MADE forest fires in CA. All UN-NATURAL! What so many on the right keep saying is that the Earth has gone threw these cooling and heating cycles for BILLIONS of YEARS. Your right it has. Although NEVER before has the earth gone threw a time when MAN MADE toxins were spewed into the air. It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to realize the simple concept of “Cause and Effect”. How an ANY person with common sense not realize that if you put MILLIONS of tons gases and toxins into the air for a century and a half. It has NO EFFECT on the Earth! How can you deny that????

  6. I’m a historian by training. I offer these few words in response to the danger that lies ahead of us as a nation: Very few Americans understand (because of hyper-liberalism in our schools) that our system is a classically liberal system created by our liberal Founders and their response to the conservative monarchies of Europe. This means that conservatism within our system, “A Democratic Republic,” is a protection against going too far, what would became known as Socialism in less than a hundred years. (The Communist Manifesto in 1848 was tried and failed. That’s why the Soviets went with the slightly more conservative idea of Socialism.) We first saw the wisdom and practicality of our system when the French Revolution went too drastically left. Every 6 months, the previous leaders of the revolution were beheaded via the guillotine. The American Revolution stopped where it did because the men who were to become our Founding Fathers knew they had to be cautious. That’s why men like Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin stepped to the forefront and explained what was at stake. Later, after seeing what the French Revolution led to, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers as codified in our Constitution was seen by everyone in these United States of America. Today, this means that American Liberalism is not Socialism. It’s bald-faced Communism. We here understand this. The problem is that the current crop of heads full of mush, who don’t know anything about history due to hyper-liberalism in our schools are too stupid to know what the end of the age of reason is: it’s the end of our Democratic Republic.

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