Fox News Host SIDES With Democrats, STABS Trump In The Back

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Has Fox News become liberal?

Recently on Fox News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reporting,” anchor Chris Wallace insisted that former U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker’s opening statement to Congress was “quite devastating to the president and Rudy Giuliani’s case.”

Wallace stated, “The breaking news to me, today, is— Fox has gotten ahold of the 11-page statement, opening statement by Kurt Volker yesterday in a closed session. He, of course, was the special envoy from the administration to Ukraine. He was very involved in all of this. This 11-page opening statement is quite devastating to the president and Rudy Giuliani’s case.”

Adding, “It basically says that Volker, who all sides agree was an honest broker in this whole thing, was very disturbed by the information — he thought disinformation — that various Ukrainian officials were sending to Rudy Giuliani, the president’s private lawyer, and that Rudy Giuliani was then spreading that information in Washington. And that might be a reason why the president was so reluctant to meet with [Ukrainian president] Zelensky and also to, of course, push Zelensky to investigate in that July 25th phone call both potential involvement in the 2016 election by the Ukrainians and also Joe Biden and his role.”

After Wallace stated Volker constantly told Congress that Biden had done anything wrong, he devious said, “You can bet that that went over well with House Republicans.”

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  1. Ditto here. Wallace has become a Nazi propagandist for the Democrats and their useless friends at Antifa (Anti-Fascists) who are trying to undermine this country. I’m waiting for Wallace to say it’s O.K. to assassinate the President. Will the Secret Service pay him a visit and then lock him up for citing rebellion and insurrection; and murder of a Prez.??????

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