Democrats Pin HEINOUS Crime On Trump!

Image credit: NationofChange

At this point, the Liberals will say literally anything to keep Americans from supporting President Trump.

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton recently gave his two cents about suspect Holden Matthews, 21, who was arrested for destroying three historically black churches in Louisiana.

Sharpton stated, “I think that we need to take hate crime rising very seriously. I think that the administration and the Justice Department must deal with the fact that these are facts. The data shows the facts are that hate crime is on the rise. People feel emboldened in this atmosphere and these three pastors are not making these charges.”

“Those that follow this and see this trend nationwide in many ways, this being one of them clearly appears to be that way,” he added. “I think that the reason that we are being more and more uncomfortable is that the facts say this is on the rise and if people are not given the signal that they will be punished to the full extent of the law it will continue to happen.”

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  1. The hate crimes are carried out by the demented Democrats. It is time for those hate-filled people to face facts. Hate leads to violence which the Democrat’s keep demonstrating with their actions.

  2. The hate crimes are committed by the deranged Democrats. Hate leads to violence which is demonstrated by the hate-filled Democrats with their actions.

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