Democrat Announces Reparations For Slavery

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The suggested amount of money this Democrat wants to offer for slavery reparations will make your jaw drop!

A new Democrat candidate has an idea of how to crash the economy and virtue signal at the same time.

Best selling author Marianne Williamson appeared on “New Day” on CNN Thursday and called for $100 billion in reparations to pay black people for slavery.

They don’t have $5.7 billion for a wall but they do have $100 billion to virtue signal.

“We need a moral and spiritual awakening in the country,” Williamson said.

“Nothing short of that is adequate to fundamentally change the patterns of our political dysfunction,” she said.

“We need someone to articulate what’s happening, the deeper levels of moral dysfunction,” the author said.

“I have had a 35-year career in naming and transforming those dynamics. That’s my qualification for the presidency at this time,” she said.

The frightening part of the entire thing is that she is serious about it.

“I believe $100 billion given to a council to apply this money to economic projects and educational projects of renewal for that population is a debt to be paid,” she told anchor John Berman, CNN reported.

Williamson, a Texas native, has written several best-selling books beginning with her first, “A Return to Love,” which got the attention of Winfrey. Since then, Williamson has been a “spiritual friend and counselor” to Winfrey for years. She’s one of five women so far running for the Democratic nomination and the only candidate who’s Jewish.

In 2014, Williamson ran for a congressional seat in California only to finish fourth in the primary, despite name recognition, $2 million spent, and celebrity endorsements, including a campaign song written by Alanis Morissette. That seat eventually went to Rep. Ted Lieu.

She endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election.

Asked Thursday by CNN how she sees a path to victory, Williamson said, “My strategy isn’t strategy.”

“My strategy is that I seek to speak as deeply, articulately and passionately as I can,” she told Berman, adding, “I’m not trying to figure out what to say to get people to vote for me. I’m seeking to have the conversation that I believe we need to be having. These are very serious times. We need to be very serious, deep thinkers.”


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  1. You are an idiot! You are not taking my money to give to the black Americans. Slavery was wrong. We as a Nation know that. If it wasn’t for stupid people like you then all this race hating would go away. Africa sold them so if they want restitution then go get it from Africa.

    • Who brought them to America? Who first sold them? Lincoln set them free, but the DEM’s didn’t like that, therefore we had the Civil War. Funny that they care now!

  2. Reparations need 2 start with islamist & African slave traders. (good luck with that ) They still engage in slavery. Next most of the people in this country were not here during slavery, how u figure they have 2 pay?

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