Cory Booker Suggests Trans Soldiers Are The REAL Heroes

Image credit: The Atlantic

New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory Booker vehemently insisted that the real heroes of America’s military are the transgender soldiers.

Booker even went as far as calling President Trump’s transgender ban on soldiers a national security threat!

“Transgender servicemembers are heroes, just like all other servicemembers risking their lives for their country,” Booker tweeted.

“President Trump’s effort to ban them doesn’t just fly in the face of our collective values—it’s a national security threat,” Booker insisted

Booker also attached a video by Human Rights Campaign featuring transgenders who felt discriminated against by the ban in the tweet.

Former Army captain Jennifer Peace, in the video claimed, “I had a great relationship with my soldiers and peers & my seniors & after coming out none of that changed because what they valued was my contribution to the mission, not my gender.”

Then former Amy Sgt. Patricia King exclaimed, “Having a unit that accepted who I was was one of the most empowering things because it said, ‘we don’t care about who you are as a person. We care about how well you do your job.’”

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