Can ISIS Bride Still Return To America?

Image credit: New York Post

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently declared that a female from Alabama who left to join ISIS and is now attempting to come back to the United States with her child is denied re-entry.

Pompeo also added that the ISIS bride is not a U.S. citizen and will never become one.

“Ms. Hoda Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the United States,” Pompeo stated. “She does not have any legal basis, no valid U.S. passport, no right to a passport, nor any visa to travel to the United States. We continue to strongly advise all U.S. citizens not to travel to Syria.”

Shortly after, President Trump tweeted that he ordered Pompeo not to allow Muthana re-entry.

“I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!”

The 24-year-old New Jersey born female has pleaded American officials to allow back into the country following her recent “escape” from ISIS.

Muthana’s father, Hassan Shibly, hatefully stated, “The Trump administration continues its attempts to wrongfully strip citizens of their citizenship,” Shibly said. “Hoda Muthana had a valid US passport and is a citizen.”

During an interview, Muthana stated, “I would tell them please forgive me for being so ignorant, and I was really young and ignorant and I was 19 when I decided to leave.”

“I thought I was doing things correctly for the sake of God,” adding she was “brainwashed once and my friends are still brainwashed.”

In 2015 Muthana tweeted, “Americans wake up! Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping! Go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day … Kill them.”

Do you believe this ISIS bride should be allowed to enter the country she worked so hard to destroy?

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  1. She had her chance. She made her choice. She cannot be trusted. Our people’s lives are at stake. She, nor her child, should ever be allowed to enter the United States.

  2. All muslims should leave the USA as their teachings disrespect our laws and only follow the cult of allah. They are taught to pretend to be good people until able to infiltrate courts and political positions until able to force shariha on all. Fight them now or fight with blood later! They have long ago declared war on the Constitution and nearly taken over the democratic party. Once disarmed we will be crushed.

  3. You must understand that the reprobates on the Left think that they should, no make that must, not every have to suffer the consequences for their actions; they always talk tough ( how many promised to leave if Trump became president) but they are deluded, sissified, crybaby POS that think they are above the law! She made her bed, bitch lay in it now! You became an enemy of this country by taking up with those who want to kill “US” – deal with it! Go have fun with your tent-headed monsters in their stone age SH!T-HOLE, you earned it!

  4. No!!!!!!!!!!! She should not be aloud to return to this country !!!!!!. She was and still adult when she made/her decision to go to Syria and fight along side of ISIS and now that President President Trump has all destroy them ,she is playing the victim and wants to return home .
    I hope she trys to return and hope she will be arrested ,charge and found guilty of waging war against the US and sends the rest of her natural life in a maximum security prison

  5. She looks in very good shape to be living in a refuge camp. If she was still spouting her kill Americans and spill their blood any way you can type of threats in 2015, it is doubtful she has had a sudden change of heart while living under the influence of the extremist Muslim community. It would be more likely that she would still want to destroy America as she expressed and utilize the schooling she learned in Syria. Her motives are questionable to say the least.

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