BREAKING: Democrat DENIES Trump Entry Into Her City

Image credit: MSNBC

Just when you thought the Democrats have crossed the line, they go and do this…

Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) informed President Donald Trump on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he was not “welcome” to visit El Paso, TX, following the shooting.

Escobar did mention that it was “probably unfair”  to say that the rally Trump conducted in El Paso in February was the cause of the assault, but said the president had to “do a little self-reflection” about his rhetoric and deeds at his rallies.

“It is shocking to me that [Trump] is so utterly self-aware,” Escobar wailed. “And this is why from my perspective, he is not welcome here. He should not come here while we are in mourning.”

She went on to say, “I would encourage the president’s staff members to have him do a little self-reflection. I would encourage them to show him his own words and his actions at the rallies because we’re not going to get past this until there’s acknowledgment from the very top that we need to heal, that this whole country is hurting, that there has been bigotry and racism and hatred that has been stoked at all levels. And as the president, he has the most significant authority and responsibility to show this country, to lead this country into healing. And now is the time, and he needs to accept responsibility, everyone does, for what has gotten us to this point.”

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  1. Tis woman Escobar has no say about the president coming into her state and for even making such a statement Ic hope they vote her out of office, which I really think they will !!!! This is just like a Gavin Newsom saying he will not have the president on the ballot in the 2020 elections!!! For these two nut cases have no say in whom can come to their state or city nor can they keep anyone off a ballot that is running for office!!! These two idiots have no clue about the Constitution or are laws, but you can bet that they will waste the citizens tax money on trying to do these unconstitutional acts!!!! The Democrats and liberals have all lost their minds, and it is a no wonder that California still exists!!! America would really love to see California just leave are Republic for they are not really welcome in are country anymore and when or if they ever leave we need to build a wall to keep them out!!! We would save a fortune with them gone, and we would really never have all the nut cases they got in are government anymore!!! That alone would be a blessing!!!!

  2. Escobar is an open borders, pro-illegal, socialist. She is the classic believer I tyrannical cradle to grave control the citizens lives every step of the way Democrat Party Bolshevik. As a Texan and I ashamed she represents this state in D.C., along with Al Green and Shelia Jackson Lee.

  3. What an Ass.Texas 1st Beto now Escobar.Between President Trump and Antifa who’s next.I bwent to Texas years ago when I was in the Air force.Went to lunch in the Needle,San Antonio,River Walk.Not a very special place!!!!!Keep it.

  4. What a stupid woman. How dare she refuse our president. Kick that person out of whatever office she supposedly holds.

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