BOMBSHELL: Special Counsel Robert Mueller REPORT Hidden Items

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Special counsel Robert Mueller has just ROCKED Washington.

In his first public remarks about his two-year Russia investigation, Mueller said the inquiry has been closed and he is leaving his role and returning to civilian life.

Speaking at the Justice Department, Mueller reiterated his report’s findings — that there was no evidence to indicate collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign before the 2016 election, and there were several “episodes” in which President Trump may have obstructed justice with attempts to disrupt the investigation. The report did not clear him on that issue, though Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did.

Making his first public statement on the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, nearly everything Mueller said in the ten minute speech will have consequences.

One such excerpt is mueller shared that his investigation could not charge the president with a crime because they considered it unconstitutional. 

However he clearly stated that this was not an exoneration of President Trump.

“If we had had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime we would have said so,” said Mueller, adding, “Charging the president with a crime is not an option we could consider.”

If that wasn’t shocking enough, Mueller followed by announcing that he would be resigning from his position within the Department of Justice. 

He declared he would not testify before Congress on the issue and that his report WAS his testimony. 

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  1. He might as well resign. He knows Trump has done no wrong but cannot say so without being attacked by democrats. So he has resorted to legalisms: talking with forked tongue

  2. You don’t think that the Report stating that “He could NOT find the President INNOCENT of any crime” and that “He said it was Unconstitutional for a Investigator to bring charges against a sitting President” is GOOD for the President? I personally can’t wait for the 2020 debates. They should be interesting. I am excited to hear the President’s excuses for the HUNDREDS of lies he has told. I just hope that Gov. Johnson or someone of his caliber runs again on a 3rd party ticket. The main two parties are bought and paid for by Corporate America. More the right then left. How can anyone support a party that allows Amazon to have $11 BILLION in profits with ZERO taxes due?

  3. So, he DID his Dirty work, MADE $MILLIONS in Disrupting Lives of INNOCENT people, messing with THE PRESIDENT and his Family, and THEN just ANNOUNCES…I am leaving/ RETIRING..!!
    LEFt the democRATS’ high and dry, fuming re …NOT Finding ANYTHING….WHAT a TOTAL “BULLshxxt….he Knew when he started there WAS Nothing, but HAD to go thru the Motions, while holdings, co n eyes Brendan & clapped cleaned up the Crumbs!!!!

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