Beto’s New Name For Mass Shootings

Image credit: Breitbart

Here’s what he wants to call it…

On a recent episode of “Fox News Sunday,” in the wake of the two recent mass shootings, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful South Bend, Pete Buttigieg declared it as “white nationalist terrorism.”

Buttigieg stated, “This is terrorism and we have to name it as such.It is very clear that the loss of American life in Charleston, in San Diego, in Pittsburgh by all appearances now in El Paso too is symptomatic of the effects of white nationalist terrorism. ”

Adding, “We cannot keep America safe from this threat to the American people if we are not prepared to name a confront it. We need an administration that is ready to do that and we can’t keep pretending that this is just random or that this is something we can’t confront. What you have here is two things coming together. One, the weak gun safety policies of this country. And two, the rise of domestic terrorism inspired by white nationalist. We need to acknowledge this is a problem, that American lives are at risk and we got to do something about it.”

He went on to say, “There is a measure of responsibility that you can’t get away from when you have case after case of racial rhetoric coming out of the White House and when you have an actual incident of white nationalist terrorism like the killing in Charlottesville related to people saying ‘Jews will not replace us’ and the president saying they were very fine people there  people. Of course this is part of a climate where people who are in the grip of this hateful extremist ideology feel validated and they feel validated from all the way at the top and that is part of our problem.”

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  1. These mass shootings regardless what Nadler wants to label them are the result of a nation full of people who have looked to fill their pockets and promote personal agenda, disarm this nation, rather than put the responsibility where it belongs. This is NOT a firearm issue. This is the lack of communication within families in all sectors of this nation. Come on people let’s truly call it what it is. If we do not loose some of the horrific game systems and social media sites and access to young people we can expect more of this. We have always had children and firearms in the same home. We educated our children about firearms (when you discharge a bullet you cannot take it back) teach your children from the time they are little how to be safely handle a firearm. Hunters education is a good start along with certified private gun safety instructors. Parents attend these classes with your child. Pay attention to your children, children who are raised with love and respect will respect others. We have to teach the value of life, the love of our savior, the way to communicate feelings without the fear of rejection. They will grow in the way they are taught. By spending time with your family you may see the mental health issues before they result in horrific tragedy.
    If we do not look at the deep rooted emotional problems in mass murders we
    Will never find a solution.
    Disarming a nation or creating more gun laws is not the answer. Anything can be used for mass destruction be that a Jet plane, a bomb, a vehicle or a bottle of booze, illegal drugs, a knife, and the list goes on. Now days kids see gun violence every day in video games, television, and sadly we can’t eliminate every harmful thing in this Nation of democracy, nor should we want to. If you disarm a nation you leave those in that nation vulnerable to tyranny from enemies both foreign and domestic. America has a tremendous asset other Countries do not have we have our terrific military, and police departments,
    But we have a well armed militia in the American people. Another barrier other countries realize. We have a country with a legal constitution our forefathers knew
    What could happen to an unarmed Nation.
    Stand for family values and our 2nd amendment.

    • I would encourage everyone here, to email your US Representatives, tonight and tell them to “STOP THE HATE AND LEGISLATE”! If enough of us do this, they will definitely “get the message”.

      • If it is a democratic congressman then your email will be ignored. The democrats have one priority and that is their survival. They come first in any way. If they consider the public then they would help keep criminals out of our country.

  2. Low IQ fools or Democrats and the fifth column of American haters are responsible for the mayhem that is taking place in America!

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