Beto Vs Trump


Former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a potential rival for President Donald Trump in the 2020 general election, will speak during an event intended to outshine the president’s El Paso rally.

O’Rourke, who gave up his congressional seat in an unsuccessful effort to unseat Texas Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in last year’s elections, made the city’s safety and the need for immigration reform a major focus of his campaign.

The president’s rally is scheduled to begin at the same time.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Cruz plan to be with Trump at his campaign-style rally, according to aides for the state leaders.

O’Rourke said he sees Trump’s campaign rally as an opportunity for the city to take control of the narrative.

“I think the president’s decision to focus on El Paso and his horrible demonization and vilification of immigrants, specifically Mexican immigrants, and his desire to make us afraid of the border can work to our advantage,” he said in an interview with the El Paso Times. “In other words, as he comes down here and as he referred to El Paso in his State of the Union speech, the eyes of the country are literally on us and will be even more so on Monday.

“He’s offering us a chance to tell our story, and we’re going to take that chance, all of us,” O’Rourke told the Times.

What are the Chances of Beto can Challenging Trump and winning in the 2020 elections? Our Guess – ‘Not going to Happen’, What do you think?

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  1. An Irish man the goes by a Mexican first name is about as likely as a white woman claiming to be a Indian neither stand a chance in hell

    • Inkpad — well said! Dems have done this to themselves by forcing everyone to “belong” to SOME minority group, whether they do or not. Guess they haven’t stopped to figure out that if they insist on having only minorities (& the occasional white woman) on their team, EVERYONE ELSE will be pushed into the REPUBLICAN camp. That’s a LOT of one-time Dems who happen to be male and/or white and white women, too, that they’re gonna be HANDING OFF to the Republicans. Given that they LOST the MALE vote in 2016, and are still shoving men out of the Dem tent, how they expect to win ANYTHING in 2020 is a mystery.

  2. B2 is well funded but has no substance. Just make sure the 98K illegals registered 2 vote in TX. r deported. Then start purging the voter roles 4 all the other illegally registered .(including the dead) Next stop the busing in of multiple county voters. Do this in every state & not only B2 but many others will fade away.

  3. This guy is an idiot nobody is vilifying anyone. Come into this country the correct way, support yourself and most people don’t have a problem with it. Democrats should care this much about Americans pathetic losers that they are.

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