Ocasio-Cortez Becomes Unhinged After Humiliating Mistake

Image credit: The Hill

At a recent House Financial Services Committee meeting hosted by Chairwoman Maxine Waters, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tried her hand at calling out Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan on issues such as climate change and humiliated herself. After a wave of mockery, Ocasio-Cortez lost control and unleashed a series of tweets digging herself deeper.

During the hearing titled, “Holding Megabanks Accountable: An Examination of Wells Fargo’s Pattern of Consumer Abuses,” Ocasio-Cortez blamed the bank for issues such as “caging of children” at U.S.-Mexico border, Imaginary oil spills, and suggested “when we have to reinvest in infrastructure building sea walls from the erosion of … infrastructure or cleanups, wildfires.”

At the peak of mockery, Ocasio-Cortez decided to defend herself with a series of quite lengthy tweets.

“This, right here, is a problem,” tweeted Ocasio-Cortez. “Institutions can engage in unlimited financing of fossil fuels, building unstable pipelines + reaping profits, but when the bill comes to clean up oil spills & fix damages — they can conveniently kick the can. So, who will pay for climate change?”

“Sea walls will have to go up as seas rise. Wildfires to put out. Roads repaved. Nascent technology to explore. Electrical grids replaced,” she stated in another tweet. “It’s too late for us to not have to deal w/ the impact of climate change. At this point we shouldn’t be debating IF we do it, it’s how.”

“The difference here is that we *already know* abt climate change,” she posted. “We know that more fossil fuels will harm us. Banks know. Fossil fuel cos know. Gov + politicians know. It’s not an accident. It’s cause+effect. We knew DAPL would leak. And we know the next gen is in danger.”

Adding, “With the way things are structured now, if the banks don’t care, no one cares. They’re simply not incentivized to — no matter the damage to people, families, and the environment. We mostly address issues after the damage is done. But we can’t afford that w/ climate.”

Then A&E’s “Rodeo Girls” star Marvel Marisa Murphy, tweeted: “So using her own logic… Hypothetically, if @AOC made a drink while bartending, then served it to a person, who then killed a family of 5 while driving drunk, she should then be held accountable for the incident, right? Bartenders beware, she could be coming after you next!!”

“Actually, in NYC if you’re a bartender and knowingly over-serve to someone, you *ARE* liable for things they do after they leave the bar, because you knowingly put them at risk for $. Its called the Dram Shop Act. It’s a big reason why bartenders cut people off. And it works,” Ocasio-Cortez replied, adding in yet another post: “The key here is in the advance knowledge. When you *knowingly* do something that you know *in advance* will do harm, and do it anyway, you open yourself up. Companies *know in advance* that climate change will get worse if we keep growing fossil fuel consumption and production.”

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