2020 Democrats LOSE IT After Black Man Asks For Reparations RIGHT NOW

Image credit: Washington Examiner

They didn’t expect this…

Rob Smith of Turning Point USA caught 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls by surprise when he asked them if he could have his reparations right now.

Smith who is an Iraq War veteran pointed out how he target the Democrats who have supported the idea of reparations for slavery.

“I got Cash App, I got PayPal, I got Venmo, I got all that stuff,” Smith said to Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, who awkwardly laughed it off.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren pathetically responded to Smith, “Sorry. You probably want to take a look at the bill that’s pending in the House.”

Sen. Cory Booker, who always looks confused, said that he didn’t understand the question. Typical.

Smith even decided to ask Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, who foolishly replied, “You should call us later, and we’ll talk.”

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    • No that’s us taxpayers money they want to give away they wouldn’t say anything if they had to pay it themselves

  1. Got a love it when someone trips up all the DemoCommunist Candidates and the Representatives and Senators of the DemoCommunist Party of America.

  2. These dems are so funny can’t stop laughing on how they answered the man. Great job guy for showing them up.!!

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